QA Assurance

Quality Department of Foremount is independent from production. Our objective is to create and maintain the highest quality with fairer and professional quality control.

With strict QC system, every detail from raw material, semi-finished to finished products is carefully checked according to MIL-STD 105E and ISO standards in order to achieve customer’s satisfaction. The following information show our quality system & manufacturing briefing for your reference.

Quality system

Complete education training.

Infrastructure maintenance and update.

Regular internal audit.

Quality relevant document filing and maintaining.

Manufacturing procedure improvement and customer’s opinion gathering.

Strict control verification and validation of workflow.

Clean safe and suitable work environment.



Silicone: Compression/ Injection


Plastic injection

Rotation system

Blow system

Double injection


Foremount strive to provide superior manufacturing services for worldwide customers and we are very keen to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.
While Foremount is immensely proud of our high production efficiency, our passionate and experienced R&D team can provide you the most professional technical solution.
- Provide innovative concept and prototype design according to customer idea in a timely fashion